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Tony Buzan Online Summit

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Join the Tony Buzan Summit for insightful lectures on brain and learning by renowned experts. Gain actionable strategies, not just theories, to enhance your cognitive skills. Discover much more in this enriching experience. Register now for a transformative journey into the world of advanced learning and brain development!

Our Speakers and Organisers

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This Year's Content Has Been Tailored For You in Order For You To:

  • How to make the best of your time daily.

  • Learn strategies to create a supportive learning environment that mitigates stress and enhances education.

  • Discover techniques to maintain and improve cognitive function via speed reading.

  • Learn how speed reading can contribute to keeping your brain agile and young.

  • Acquire techniques that can improve the way you learn, leading to more effective and efficient acquisition of knowledge.

  • Grasp the importance of metacognition and the ability to assess one's own learning processes.

  • Discover employee-centric approaches that can lead to more effective management and educational outcomes.

  • Explore the theory of multiple intelligences and its practical applications.

  • How to delegate so you'd always be focused.

  • Learn to identify and cultivate different types of intelligences within oneself and others.

  • Understand the principles behind cognitive skill development.

  • Understand the concept of flow state and its impact on learning and productivity.

  • Learn techniques to enter the flow state to enhance learning and performance.

  • Learn about motivational theories and how to apply them within educational leadership

  • Acquire methods for consistent brain training to sharpen memory, attention, and problem-solving skills.


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Summit Timetable

London Time

Saturday January 13th

10am - Raymond Keene - Tony Buzan, The story of How to think

11am - Jerome Hoarau - Improving cognitive skills with brain training

12am - Nicolas Lisiak - Developing our multiple intelligences

1pm - Marek Kasperski - Mind Map Mastery for Teachers

2pm Esther Loubradou - Learning thanks to the flow state

3pm Sabra Annani - Learning how to learn with Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and memory technics

4 pm - Marek Kasperski - Mind Mapping and Memory for Business

Sunday January 14th

10am - Linda Evans - Managing to Motivate: An employee-centric approach to effective educational leadership.

11am - Michel Wozniak - How does IA help us understand Human Intelligence?

12am - Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt - Education and Youth: Unleashing the Potential to Think

1pm - Mehmet Tashanligil - Keeping your brain young with speed reading

2pm - Sue Whiting- Stress and learning in children: Neuroscience evidence and its relevance for teachers

3pm - Dominic O'Brien - Memory tools from an 8 time World Champion

4pm - Dr. Jorge Castañeda - Mind over Machine: Harnessing Critical, Creative and Problem-Solving skills

All lectures will be available for 24 hours after ending

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