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Tony Buzan Online Summit

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01-02 June 2024 

Join the Tony Buzan Summit for insightful lectures on brain and learning by renowned experts. Gain actionable strategies, not just theories, to enhance your cognitive skills. Discover much more in this enriching experience. Register now for a transformative journey into the world of advanced learning and brain development!

Our Speakers and Organisers

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This Year's Content Has Been Tailored For You in Order For You To:

  • Master cutting-edge strategies from top researchers to optimize brain function.

  • Create an enriching learning environment that fosters growth and support.

  • Enhance your cognitive health with proven techniques to boost brainpower.

  • Manage stress effectively through mindfulness for a clearer, calmer mind.

  • Accelerate your learning with methods that enhance knowledge retention and efficiency.

  • Understand and utilize metacognition to critically evaluate your learning habits.

  • Improve the quality of your relationships and enrich your life with expert-approved approaches.

  • Maximize the benefits of Mind Mapping to organize and retain information.

  • Elevate memory, focus, and creativity with targeted cognitive exercises.

  • Recognize and develop diverse intelligences to bring out the best in yourself and others.

  • Adopt leadership best practices that make a lasting impact.

  • Program your mind for excellence with strategic cognitive conditioning.

  • Explore motivational theories and their practical applications in leadership.

  • Commit to regular brain training to sharpen critical cognitive skills like memory and attention.


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Summit Timetable

London Time

Saturday June 1st

10am - Richard Bandler - Programming the brain for excellence

11am - Dinah Williams - Empowering women in leadership

12am - Vida Skreb - Neuroscience-driven leadership

1pm - Melanie Cox - Best practices for healthy relationships

2pm - Nathalie de Marce - The best tools to train your brain for excellence

Sunday June 2nd

10am - Dr. Subra Mukherjee - Mind Mapping, the toolkit of the brain

11am - Fatima Lamrabet - How to learn effectively with neuroscience

12am - Ewelina Chodera - Innovative language learning

1pm - Marie-Stéphanie Cahart, PhD - Mental health, soft skills and neuroscience

2pm - Petrina Kasperski - Mindfulness – it’s all in your head!

3pm - Kate Benson - Use your head with NLP

All lectures will be available for 24 hours after ending

In memory of Tony Buzan


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